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¡Escríbenos ahora!



Experience the magic of flying over the Jardín Valley in Antioquia, with its lush landscapes, green mountains, and harmonious architecture. Feel the adrenaline rush of this airborne adventure.

Activity details
• Departure Time: 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
• Duration: 2 hours
• If it is raining, the flight cannot be carried out

What’s included
• Additional video cost: $30,000 COP
• Approximately 15-minute flight
• Medical assistance insurance
• Qualified and trained pilot
• Do not carry small objects or a cellphone

• Mosquito repellent
• Sunscreen
• Do not carry items in your pockets that could fall during the flight. Also, hats and rings pose the same risk

Price: $190.000 c/U